About the IDS

The Integrated Data System brings together person-level data from multiple Arizona state agencies and educational institutions, allowing researchers to study how these entities have intersected with and affected individual Arizonans. Privacy protections are rigorous, and the data can be used for statistical analysis only. The IDS is a powerful tool to better understand the efficacy of Arizona agencies and educational institutions.


The Integrated Data System (IDS) is a resource for improving government’s capacity to use data that it already collects as part of its routine administration of programs to better understand hos those efforts affect Arizonans, thereby informing program and policy decisions.

No new data is collected from Arizona residents.

The current scope of cross-sector research includes K-12 and Early Education, Postsecondary, and Workforce.

The operation of the data system is a collaborative effort by Arizona government agencies and public postsecondary institutions.



The Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) is the lead agency and oversees IDS operations.

Laws 2016, Chapter 372 established the Workforce Data Task Force (Task Force) in the OEO to oversee the development and operations of the data system. The Task Force consists of the following members:

  • Director of OEO (chairperson)
  • Director of the Department of Economic Security
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • President of the Arizona Board of Regents
  • A representative of a community college district