Workforce Planning

The Office of Economic Opportunity increases the availability of skilled workers by facilitating connections between industry, workforce and education partners. Our team has subject matter expertise and broad awareness of state and local workforce development and training efforts, labor market data, and workforce trends to develop and implement effective workforce solutions.

OEO’s Workforce Planning goals are:

  1. Improve the quality of Arizona’s workforce by developing skills needed by businesses through Policy Development: The Workforce Arizona Council (WAC), our State Workforce Board, is responsible for implementing the Governor's strategic vision for a robust and effective workforce system in Arizona. By managing and working with the WAC, the team assists in guiding, developing and promoting workforce policies and initiatives that create and sustain a diverse pool of skilled workers for in-demand and target industries. The OEO workforce team serves as staff to the WAC, providing leadership and strategic alignment across Arizona focused on implementation of comprehensive and integrated service delivery while carrying out federal mandates.
  2. Improve skill sets of Arizona’s workers by developing and improving talent pipelines through Industry-Sector Partnerships: The team identifies shared skill needs and gaps of in-demand and targeted industries to facilitate, plan and manage joint workforce development and training programs with industry and education partners (i.e. universities, community colleges and CTE) to develop and manage relevant skills training programs.
  3. Develop and Implement Workforce Strategy to support business attraction and expansion projects through Workforce Business Strategy Consulting: The Workforce team works with Economic Development Business Teams and Clients as a workforce partner to analyze clients’ needs, identify points of connections in Arizona’s workforce system (ARIZONA@WORK), and deliver customized workforce solutions to meet and sustain their workforce needs (i.e. talent acquisition assistance).

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